About Us

The owner of VeloCity Rides, David Hayter, caught the cycling bug seven years ago and quickly developed a passion for cycling. He cycled to work most days and joined a shop group ride on Saturday mornings, which he has led for the past five years.  He has delivered group leaders’ skills training courses and written a comprehensive group riding skills and etiquette document. He participates in many organized cycling events, many of which are for charity.

In his previous job, David travelled regularly interstate which interrupted his weekly cycling routine. He discovered that in the precious spare time available, it was difficult to obtain a bike (let alone a decent bike), he was riding on unfamiliar roads and did not know anyone to ride with. These factors usually meant he spend sessions on a stationary bike in the hotel gym which was better than nothing, but only just!

After repeatedly encountering this problem, he decided there had to be a solution – and now, in Perth, there is. David established VeloCity Rides.