Q: When will my bike be delivered and collected?

A: We will contact you after a booking is made to arrange delivery. We usually deliver at around 4.00pm in the afternoon of the day before the first rental day. We collect the bike at the end of the last rental day.


Q: What pedals do you supply?

A: Shimano road, Shimano mtb, Look Keo, Speedplay Zero, Flat with straps, flat. If you use anything else, please bring them with you.


Q: How do I set the bike up to fit correctly?

A: We ask you to provide bike fit information when booking. We use this to set the bike up before delivery. We do a final bike fit with you at delivery, to make sure that you are comfortable.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: 1 day $90, 2 days $170, 3 days $250, 4 – 7 days $330, 8 – 14 days $450, 15 – 21 days $550, 22 – 28 days $650


Q: What is included in the price?

A: Delivery and pick-up, all accessories including: spare tube, levers, multi-tool, Co2 cartridge and inflator, pump, saddle bag, bidon (2 in summer), Garmin mount or 9 function computer, lights, choice of pedals, helmet, maps and bike lock if requested.


Q: What do I need to bring with me?

A: Bring your cycling clothing and shoes. Helmets are provided but most people prefer to bring their own. Bring your own gels, energy bars. Gels are available for purchase.



Q: Are there many hills in Perth?

A: Perth is a very flat city. We do have hills but none are above 50m, and are they are quite short. The Darling Range, 20km east of Perth rises to around 350m.


Q: Is it safe to ride in Perth?

A: Yes! We have many scenic ride routes that are on quiet suburban roads. Most major roads have separated bike paths alongside. The State Government recently introduced a minimum one metre passing law.


Q: What speed does the group ride at?

A: It depends. The short answer is 28km/h. The longer answer is – the weekday rides are roughly 40 – 45km and start at 5.30am. In order to get people back to their accommodation in time for work commitments, we ride at an average speed between 27 – 31km/h. If you happen to be the only rider to book a ride on a particular day, we can ride at whatever speed you like!

Faster speeds can also be accommodated.


Q: How many people in a group ride?

A: It varies form one (plus the ride leader) up to 20. Weekend rides will be larger groups as we join with other local riders. Weekday rides are typically smaller but some days we also join local riders.


Q: Where do the rides start?

A: Weekdays usually start from in front of the Swan Bell Tower (Barrack St, Perth). Weekend rides start from the car park at the rear of Garland Cycleworks (87 Canning Hwy, Victoria Park).


Q: How do I get to the ride start location?

A: We ask that you make your own way to the ride start location. A detailed map is included in your booking confirmation email.


Q: I haven’t ridden in a group before, is this a problem?

A: No. We manage the group to ensure complete safety for all riders. So long as you are a competent and confident road bike cyclist, you will enjoy it.


Q: The hills rides look very challenging, what if I can’t keep up?

A: They are challenging as we do just under 1000m of climbing. We always wait at the top of major climbs and let the group come together again. Climbs, by necessity are done at your own pace.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Weekdays $20, Weekends $30 – plus rental bike $90.


Q: What is included in the price?

A: A premium carbon road bike equipped with Di2 electronic gears delivered to your accommodation and collected afterwards, all accessories, water bidon, coffee after the ride, lively banter and commentary, fabulous scenery and quiet roads!


Q: What distance are the rides and how long do they take?

A: Weekdays 40 – 45km in 2 hours, including a coffee stop. Weekends 65 – 75 km in 3 – 3.5 hours including a coffee stop.


Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Bring your cycling clothing and shoes. Helmets are provided but most people prefer to bring their own. Bring your own gels, energy bars. Gels are available for purchase.


Q: What if it is raining?

A: Harden up! (just kidding). Perth weather is mostly fabulous. On the rare wet days we still ride unless dangerous or heavy rain is forecast. You will be contacted the day before if the forecast is looking bad, to discuss options.